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KEG 2017 Zinfandel, Moniz Vineyard, Santa Clara

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This single-vineyard, California Zinfandel offers of bouquet of violets, black licorice, and cranberry jam. Its light, silky body coats the pallet with flavors of
plum, black cherry, and clove, and finishes with easy tannin. Enjoy with smokey, sweet, and spiced BBQ dishes.

Clear, Red-violet, Low Concentration, M+ Viscosity; High intensity on the nose, youthful; Clove, Sage, Black Licorice, red florals; Light, Silky Mouthfeel;
Dry, Medium Tannin; Medium Alcohol; Jammy Fruit, Black Pepper; M+ Finish: Plum, Black Cherry, Clove; M+ Complexity

Learn more about the Kegs we use:
20.2 liters (683 oz), 136 servings (5 oz glass) (125 glasses to be "safe"); equivalent to 26.9 bottles (750 ml)